Presented here is a collection of essays on a wide range of aspects covering the noble art. The titles are listed below; simply click on them to read the essay. More will be added in the future. If you scroll further down you can access some samples of emails that have been sent into Lineal Champs by viewers.
* Hey dude, who's the champ?

* Weight a minute!

* 1907 v 2007

* Boxing Hall of Infamy

* Manny's Milestone (and Mayweather's too)

* Michael Moorer: Underachiever?

* Step Back in Time

* A Hike Through Light Heavyweight History
If you click on the link  below, you can read samples of some of the emails that have been sent into this website:
* Viewer's Views

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* Super Fight Controversy

* Iron Mike v The Rock

* The Calzaghe Conundrum

* Fool's Gold?

* The Klitschko Brothers: King Cons?
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