British boxing has a long and glorious history, and can be traced all the way back to James Figg, the “Father of Boxing”, when he established himself as the first bare-knuckle champion in 1719 and later opened his training academy on Tottenham Court Road, London. Following Figg’s reign, there has been an almost unbroken chain of charismatic figures, classic bouts and supremely talented champions. The fights and fighters hailing from the UK's shores are on a par with those from any other country in the world. Here at Lineal Champs we wish to celebrate the British fight game and honour the best of everyone who has participated in it. All entrants are worthy of respect and admiration, and deserve to be remembered by fans of the noble art. These fighters are our heroes. They inspire us and through their blood, sweat and tears, they provide us with enduring memories. It’s nice to be able to pay them back in some way.

Tommy Farr, from Tonypandy, Wales, gave the legendary Joe Louis one of his toughest challenges for the world heavyweight title in 1937.
The entries have been split into four categories:

· 'The Bare-knuckle Era’, which covers the years between James Figg, who set the template for the future, and the publishing of the Marquess of Queensbury rules in 1867.
· 'The Gloved Era’, which covers the years from the introduction of the Marquess of Queensbury rules until the present day.
· 'Contributors’, which covers managers, promoters, trainers, cut men, authors and anyone else who has made a worthy contribution that does not include lacing on a pair of gloves.
· 'Classic Contests’, which covers memorable bouts from both the bare-knuckle and gloved eras. At least one of the participants is British.


Below is a list of each entry for all categories. All those included have rightly reached the upper echelon of the sweet science and merits appreciation. Please click on the individual entry to see further details. More entries will be added in the future. If there is a particular fight, fighter or contributor that you would like to see featured, please let us know using the email address on the homepage.

The Bare-knuckle Era

Jack Broughton

Tom Sayers

The Gloved Era

Bob Fitzsimmons

Lennox Lewis

Ted "Kid" Lewis

Benny Lynch

Jimmy Wilde


Jack Solomons

Mickey Duff

Classic Contests

Sugar Ray Robinson v Randolph Turpin (I)

Donald Curry v Lloyd Honeyghan

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